Arcolegnami, at Zimella (VR)

The customer

Sector: constructions
Location: Zimella VR
Core business: Production and sale of laminated wooden beams

The phases of the project

We listen

Our team of experts carried out an in-depth dialogue with Arcolegnami to understand their needs and identify the challenges to face in this sector.


We developed a particular hooking system, customized, thanks to which it was possible to integrate a wooden canopy produced by the customer into the shelving.
In addition, our team ensured that the shelving was designed and mounted to maximize the available space and allow for easy identification of materials.


We produced 50 meters of cantilever shelving, with customized hooking at the top, for the storage of lamellar beams of different types and sizes (up to 13 metres).
Our technicians and designers worked to guarantee the maximum quality of the cantilever shelving, using only certified materials and applying rigorous controls throughout the manufacture process.


We carried out the assembly quickly and efficiently with great attention to details and safety, so as to guarantee maximum stability and resistance of the storage system.


Always have an eye on the goods in the warehouse for optimized management of the picking flow. Protect the laminated beams from bad weather and sunlight.

The result

Thanks to the collaboration between our team of designers, specialized technicians and the customer, we managed to develop and implement a tailor-made storage solution that meets the customer’s space, organization and material protection.
The shelving we created for Arcolegnami allows to have an optimal and well-organized warehouse space. Thanks to the integration with the wooden canopy, the goods are protected from bad weather and sunlight, ensuring better conservation.