Pallet racking

Whether it’s simple industrial metal shelving or Drive In, Dynamag or Shuttle systems, CBS products are designed for the storage of materials of any weight and size. Adaptable and modular, the shelves can be combined with a wide range of accessories which facilitate loading and guarantee stability and resistance.


Picking shelving solves any storage requirement in warehouses where goods are deposited and picked up manually. They are easy to install and extremely adaptable, which is why they comply to different application sectors with medium load requirements.


Perfect for storing very long or variable length load units, cantilever racking solves loading and pick-up operations simply and safely. Together  with the accessories, they adapt perfectly to the different heights and types of goods (for example: pipes, bars, metal profiles, wooden panels).


T-Rex shelving is the solution to the problems of storing very heavy and bulky goods.

Mezzanines and stairs

The mezzanines increase the storage surface in the warehouse by exploiting the height of the room. Modular and easy to assemble, they adapt to different needs with solutions that can be expanded or modified over time. The metal stairs complete the project for maximum safety.

Metal structures

Customized structural projects, where the elements are calculated and connected to each other by junctions, welded or bolted, verified by special design software. The use of load-bearing metal structures offers many advantages, including cheapness, versatility, greater durability and seismic resistance.