Who we are

We create shelving and metal structures for storage. But we are not simple producers. First of all we are designers.
We put all our experience at customer’s service: every need is answered promptly and every critical issue is resolved with a customized solution.

When we create what we have designed, we pay care and attention to every detail with the aim of guaranteeing the excellence of a Made in Italy product. In our projects you can find research, competence and passion. But above all the will to continuously improve by exploring new paths and evolving our technologies. This is the essence of the CBS work.

Our philosophy

A preliminary consultancy phase is essential for identifying the objectives and peculiarities of each project.

Thanks to the analysis of the complexity of the logistics flows and the technical precision of the design, we propose solutions which respond professionally to the customer’s needs.

We have invested in high-tech to improve our production lines and create storage systems with high added value.

For whoever wants it, we offer support in the installation phase of the project. A team of expert assemblers is at your disposal.

After-sales assistance
We periodically check the structures to ensure that they meet European safety standards.

Our certifications

We strongly believe in the values of excellence, reliability, and innovation. We have obtained important certifications to ensure that our production processes and services are always of the highest level.

Our focus on quality and safety of our shelving systems drives us to constantly research technologies and methods that aim for continuous improvement. We are committed to building a relationship of trust and long-term commitment with our customers by providing them with the utmost professionalism throughout the entire process.